Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail

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Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail

Fluently Migrate NSF Contacts To CSV File For Gmail

  • Export unlimited Contacts of Lotus Notes Address Book
  • Scan & Convert contacts of Names.nsf file to CSV
  • Export Selected or All fields of Lotus Notes contact file
  • Convert contacts in CSV which accessible in Gmail with Import option.
  • Lotus Notes must be deployed to attain Conversion task

Significant Features to Convert Lotus Notes Contacts To Gmail

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Convert Notes Contacts

Convert Names.nsf to Gmail

The software convert Lotus Notes contacts stored in names.nsf file to a CSV file format. The contact exported in the CSV format can later be imported and can be accessed in the desired Gmail account.

Alphabetically Sort Notes Contacts

Save Converted Contacts In CSV File

In order to export Lotus Notes contacts to Gmail account, the tool convert and save the contacts in a CSV file. The contact names are stored in the columns and the details or fields get stored in their cells.

Scan and Preview Notes Contacts

Scan Before Converting Contacts

Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail software spontaneously scans the added names.nsf file & load all the found contacts once the scanning procedure finished.

Save Contacts in PST XLS & VCF

Export Selective Contact Fields

The software offers the liberty to export required fields of Names.nsf. Just select the contact fields that are vital to migrate and Notes Contacts to Gmail software export them once.


Save CSV File At Desired Location

Once the software converts contacts of names.nsf file to CSV, the user can save the CSV file at the desired location. In order to access the contacts file, click the Open Converted Contacts File option from the panel of software.

Save Contact File

Access Notes Contacts In Gmail

Lotus Notes contacts that are exported and saved in the CSV file can be imported in the desired Gmail account. The Import option in Gmail account will enable the transfer of all the contacts from CSV file to Gmail.

Why To Choose Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail Over Others?

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System Necessities:

  • Maintains all the contact fields intact when the contacts are converted to CSV format for accessing in Gmail.
  • Provision to exclude certain fields from getting attached with the contacts, while the export to Gmail via CSV file.
  • Enable conversion of multiple contacts collectively at a particular instant from Lotus Notes file to Gmail.
  • The option to export contacts with selective fields enhances the speed of overall process.
  • The software while saving contacts in CSV file ensures that they are saved in a correct format.
  • No alteration is done with the contact details while they are converted to CSV format and also when exported to Gmail.
Free Version of Software

The evaluation of Software Functioning & its performance can be easily checked utilizing Demo Edition free of cost which aid in the conversion of 10 contacts of Lotus Notes to Gmail.



Purchase Full Version

For the easy conversion of Names.nsf File contacts inspite of any restriction get done by purchasing Full Edition, which convert innumerable Lotus Notes contacts in $49 only



Technical Brief to Perform Notes Contacts to Gmail Conversion

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Lotus Notes is a legendary email client that has been used for emailing and application development purpose in large enterprises. The database of Lotus Notes is stored in a NSF file or Notes Storage Facility. The items like mails, calendars, journals, etc. get stored in username.nsf file whereas the contacts are stored in a separate file named as names.nsf file.

Gmail or Google Mail is a web based email client used at both organizational and personal emailing purpose. Talking of the storage database of Gmail, being a cloud service, the data is stored on the cloud. Also whenever a message is read or composed in Gmail, the data is cached to the hard drive by the operating system.

Benefits Of Storing Contacts Into Different Format

With the advancement in technology, the number of users of Lotus Notes has decreased eventually. This is due to the fact that the maintenance issues in Lotus Notes are hard to manage. Also for a naïve user requires a lot of time to get acquainted to the normal functioning of Lotus Notes. At times, you may experience a situation in which you need to share your business contacts stored in Lotus Notes address book with your colleague or boss. But this cannot be done unless and until your boss possesses Lotus Notes in his machine. Therefore, to work around such a situation, the best option is to transfer your contacts to Gmail account. Due to obvious reasons, every computer user possesses a Gmail account. Therefore the Notes contacts can be easily migrated to Gmail account of your boss and hence you can get your task done.

How To Convert Lotus Notes Contacts To Gmail?

The best way to carry out the migration process is to deploy a third party application like Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail. The software efficiently converts the Names.nsf file contacts and saves it in a CSV file. The contacts stored in the CSV file can easily be imported in the concerned Gmail account. It is the most efficient and flexible tool to perform the conversion.


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How are the contacts stored once they are exported from Lotus Notes?
All the contacts that are exported from Lotus Notes get stored in the CSV file. Then afterwards, the contacts are imported n Gmail account from the CSV file.
Does the software support exporting multiple contacts to Gmail?
Yes, the software enables the users to export multiple contacts from Lotus Notes names.nsf file. The software has been tested to export 10,000+ contacts.
Is it possible to exclude some contact fields while exporting?
Yes, you can exclude some of the contact fields if required. Just select and uncheck all the fields that you need to exclude from getting exported.
Will the software maintain the contacts in the same form as they are in Notes?
Yes, the tool definitely maintains the contact integrity while exporting the contacts to Gmail. The contacts will remain in the same form as they were in Notes names.nsf file
Is it necessary to install Lotus Notes for converting the contacts to Gmail?
Yes, it is necessary to install Lotus Notes to convert contacts from Notes names.nsf file to Gmail account.

What Do Our Clients Have To Say About Notes Contacts to Gmail?

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"I did not have a good experience with third party tools as most of them were fake and inefficient. Due to this when my friend recommended me to use Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail for exporting Notes contacts to Gmail. I was reluctant at first, but after I used the tool I realized it is the best tool that you can deploy for the conversion process."

— Matthew Rogers, Iceland

"I was asked to share all my business contacts that were stored in the names.nsf file with all my colleagues. Since we use Gmail in our office, I decide to share the contacts over Gmail. The Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail tool made the conversion task very easy and all the contacts were easily accessed in Gmail."

— Marta Lane, London

"Since I had to export contacts with their email address and contact number fields only, the software enabled me to do my work in a matter of time. Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail tool is definitely a worthy tool.""

— Levi Green, Australia

"Exporting the contacts once stored in a CSV file is quiet easy. The tool does not compromise with the data integrity while saving the contacts in CSV format. The tool deserves lots of appreciation"

— Bryan Gibbs, Peru