Notes Address Book Converter

Size: 3.0 MB Version: 6.5

Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook

Easily export Names.nsf to PST, XLS & VCF format

  • Convert Multiple Contacts of Lotus Notes in batch
  • Support both ANSI & UNICODE format
  • Scans & Alphabetically List Notes Address Book contacts
  • Get rid of Error "You are not authorized to perform that operation:.. names.nsf" if found throughout the conversion
  • Configuartion of Lotus Notes is mandatory.

Notable Aspects of Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook Tool

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Notes to Outlook conversion is a common practice at organization level due to strong disaster recovery plan of MS Outlook. A number of tools are available which allows users to perform the conversion with ease. However, most of the tools are designed for converting emails and other items. Notes Address Book Converter is a sophisticated tool that allows users to convert contacts from names.nsf file to different formats. The tool immune users from the chance of data loss at the time of conversion. It is integrated with various advanced features that make the conversion an easy task.

Convert Notes Contacts

Batch Conversion of Contacts

Lotus Notes Contact to Outlook is an adroit tool to convert multiple contacts from the address book of Notes to PST, Excel & vCard setup. For conversion, the users are required to provide names.nsf file in the software & select requisite format to export contacts.

Alphabetically Sort Notes Contacts

Sort Contacts In Alphabetical Order

The tool scans and lists entire contacts of Lotus Notes alphabetically. The contacts are placed in the relevant category from, A to Z. Contacts with initials other than A to Z gets listed in "other" field. This feature helps users to locate particular contacts with ease.

Scan and Preview Notes Contacts

Scan & Provide Preview Of Contacts

On adding names.nsf file to the software, it scans entire file. On completion of scanning one can preview the contacts stored in Lotus Notes Contact file with details like Personal Info, Business Address, Business Contact Information, Briefcase or Advanced details.

Save Contacts in PST XLS & VCF

Export & Save Contacts In Three Formats

Notes Contacts to Outlook tool allows users to convert contacts from names.nsf file into three discrete file setup namely Outlook PST, XLS and VCF. One can select any of these formats to save Notes file contacts according to their convenience.


PST file Format Supported

In order to convert Notes Contacts to Outlook the user can select the desired format of Outlook PST file between ANSI and UNICODE setup for storing the contacts. Hence, the software supports all versions of MS Outlook.

Save Contact File

Save Contact In Desired Location

On converting Notes contacts to Outlook, XLS and vCard format, the software allow users to save the resultant file at desired location from the panel of the tool. Saving the files at desired location benefits the users to locate the files easily at the time of fetching contacts.

Download Demo of Lotus Notes Address Book Conversion

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System Necessities:

  • Windows based tool support 8.1 & its earlier versions.
  • 1. GHz Processor is mandatory.( Recommended) 2.4 GHz)
  • 512 MB RAM is required (Recommended 1 GB
  • 5 MB of Hard Disk
  • IBM Notes 9.0 or its below editions are supported.
  • MS Outlook 2013 or its prior editions must be configured to export contacts in Outlook
Download Trial Edition

To evaluate functioning of the software Download Trial Edition via which user canconvert 15 Notes Contacts to essential format.


Licensed Edition of the Tool

Utilize Full Version to save & convert Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook, Excel and VCF format instead of any limitation at $69 only.


Technical Brief of IBM Notes and Other File Formats

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Lotus Notes is an email client that was developed by IBM. The application uses a separate names.nsf file to store contacts. However, this names.nsf file is platform dependent and can be accessed only using Lotus Notes Domino Server. Using Notes Contacts to Outlook one can convert contacts into different formats like PST, XLS and VCF which removes platform dependency

A Glance of PST, XLS & VCF Format

  • PST stands for Personal Storage Table. This format is used by Outlook in order to store its data files. These files are stored with the extension of.PST. It is further divided into Unicode and ANSI format. They are capable of storing emails, calendars, contacts etc. in MS Outlook.
  • Microsoft Excel files are stored in XLS format. XLS stands for excel Spreadsheet. Data present inside this file are stored in a series of fixed sized streams. The Meta information about the documents like name, subject, sheet name are stored in the streams.
  • Electronic Business cards are stored in VCF format. They contain detailed information about an individual. The information is kept in different fields of the file. Some of the fields in VCF format includes: Name, Address Information, Email Address, Phone Number etc. many a times, the VCF files are attached to an email but it can be exchanged in other ways too.

Benefits Of Storing Contacts Into Different Format

Lotus Notes is an application that runs on IBM Domino. It is one of the most popular email clients. However, there is an issue associated with it i.e. it cannot be easily synchronized with different applications. Hence, due to this reason most of the people prefer to migrate their contacts from NSF files into different formats for an effective communication. Some of the benefits for converting Notes Address Book into different formats are:

  • Storing contacts into VCF format makes it easy to synchronize them with latest devices.
  • Contacts stored in PST format allow users to import them in Outlook with ease
  • Storing contacts in XLS format allows the users to easily handle the contacts and synchronize with different services that supports XLS format.

In considering all these facts, one can conclude that Lotus Notes Contact to Outlook Software is a complete solution to perform conversion of contact from Notes into PST, Excel and VCF format. The best part of the tool is that it has the capability of creating Outlook PST file of both ANSI and UNICODE format so that the resultant PST file can be imported to the latest version of Outlook.

Some General FAQs

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How many Notes Address books will be converted by the software?
The software will allow you to convert one names.nsf file to the desired format at once. However, there is no limitation imposed on the maximum size of Notes contact file.
What will be the format of PST file created by the tool?
On converting contacts into PST format, the software allows users to create Outlook PST file of either ANSI or UNICODE format.
Is it necessary to have Lotus Notes installed in the machine?
Yes, for proper functioning of the tool Lotus Notes should be installed in the local machine of the user. In order to convert contacts to PST format, Outlook installation is mandatory
Is there any chance of data loss by the software?
The Software is a trust worthy solution to convert contacts from Lotus Notes to different formats. The tool does not alter data or there is no chance of data loss during conversion.s
How can I save the resultant files generated by the tool?
You can save the resultant file at the desired location according to your convenience from the panel of the software itself.

Reviews – A Numbers Of Clients Cannot Be Wrong!!!

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"While a number of tools are employed in converting emails from one platform to another, I found developing Lotus Notes Contact to Outlook software a brilliant idea. The tool really works well without causing any loss of contacts."

— Dixie Holmes, Italy

"The business contacts in Notes Address Book comprises of several fields, each of which are necessary when need to be migrated. The software exported all the contacts without even losing a single field."

— Allison Hogan, Austria

"Initially I used Lotus Notes but the strong disaster recovery plan of Outlook influenced me a lot and I decided to switch to Outlook. I was facing difficulty in converting contacts from names. nsf to PST; one of my friend suggested me to try Notes Address Book to Outlook Converter and was delighted with its functioning."

— Angel Padilla, Germany

"I would really like to thank the support team. They really deserve to be praised. The way they guided me was exceptional. With their support I was able to convert lotus Notes Address Book to Outlook conveniently."

— Jeremiah, Liberia