Notes Contacts to Outlook Express

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Notes Contacts to Outlook Express

Smartly Convert Notes Address Book to Outlook Express CSV

  • Perform conversion of unlimited Notes contacts
  • Process, Convert & Save Lotus Notes contacts to CSV
  • Instant Scanning & Preview of each Notes contact
  • Load & Arrange Names.nsf file Contacts Alphabetically
  • All Notes versions supported for contact conversion

Highlighting Features of Tool to Export Lotus Notes Contacts to Express

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Convert Notes Contacts in Batch

Convert Unlimited Contacts

The application capably converts unlimited number of contacts from names.nsf file to CSV. Performance of the software or conversion machine remains unaffected by the same.

Quick Scanning of Contacts

The tool performs an instant scanning of all the contacts in a Lotus Notes Address Book. The software imposes no limit on the number of contacts, whatsoever.

Alphabetically Sort Notes Contacts

Save Names.nsf in CSV

Lotus Notes to Outlook Express converter creates an OE-Contacts.csv file after conversion. Open/view the output CSV on Outlook Express or any other supporting platform.

Export NSF File

Selective Field Export

Advanced algorithms integrated within the tool makes it user friendly. You can export Lotus Notes contacts to Express by selecting the requisite fields from using checkboxes & proceed.

Scan and Preview Notes Contacts

Detailed Contacts Preview

Once the Notes contact file is scanned, software lists contacts in an alphabetical order. Besides an organized listing, a detailed preview of all contact fields is also provided.

Support All Windows

Flawless Support for Windows

Lotus Notes to Outlook Express Contact Conversion Tool is a dedicated Windows based utility. All versions ranging from Windows XP to the latest 8.1 are supported by the software.

Reasons to Opt Lotus Notes to Outlook Express Software


Find Out What Makes the Tool a Worthy Investment

  • Get address book of any size with as many contacts, scanned instantly.
  • Create output in cross platform supporting Comma Separated Values file.
  • Lotus Notes address book of IBM Notes 9.0 and all below versions supported.
  • Easily convert any number of contacts from names.nsf without slowdown in performance.
  • Detailed preview of loaded contacts and each of its field provided.
  • Alphabetical arrangement of contacts in a list for convenient classification.
Download Trial Edition

Analyse the Tool capabilities using DEMO Version which allow users to convert only 15 contacts from names.nsf file to CSV.


Licensed Edition of the Tool

Convert unlimited Notes Address Book contacts via software Full Edition which easily export Lotus Notes Contacts to Express


Notes Contacts to Outlook Express CSV Conversion Inevitability

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IBM Notes is one of the most powerful email clients. The application is updated with timely upgrades. Right from its integrated services to high end security and workflow provision, IBM has left no stone unturned in powerfully packing Lotus Notes. However, amidst all positives the application also has certain limitations that may put off its users. Lotus Notes creates its database with .nsf extension, whether it is for the address book or email data.

The NSF format files are a proprietary of IBM Notes client. Thus, they come with a dependency associated to them that cannot be broken. Nevertheless, there is always a way-out. Converting the Notes address book to Outlook Express CSV is one.

Why CSV Files?

There are a number of file types that support or are particularly made for the storage of contacts. Despite of that, conversion into CSV is suggested for its support across multiple platforms. A CSV file can be on Windows as well as Mac with whatsoever email platform in use; Outlook for Mac or Apple Mail. The file can be imported as an address book to use the contacts in it on the respective platform. Thus, to break the platform and application dependency, conversion of contacts into CSV format is being suggested.

How Do We Help?

By serving Lotus Notes to Outlook Express Contacts Conversion tool, the suggested solution can be acquired. This application is capable of converting as many contacts as you desire. Moreover, the CSV file created by Notes Contacts to Outlook Express converter is supported on both; Mac as well as Windows giving you the freedom to choose!

Most Common User Queries Answered

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Is it possible to convert more than 1000 contacts at once?
Yes, it is possible to convert as many contacts as you please. The software doesn't come with any limitation on imposed on the number of contacts and works uninterruptedly, whatsoever.
I have the latest version of Lotus Notes will the software support?
Yes, the software supports all versions of Lotus Notes including 9.0 and below. There is no need to degrade Notes version.
Is it necessary to have Lotus Notes installed in the machine?
Yes, for proper functioning of the tool Lotus Notes should be installed in the local machine of the user. In order to convert contacts to PST format, Outlook installation is mandatory
What if I want to use the output CSV on a Mac machine?
Notes address book to Outlook Express exporter creates a Comma Separated Values file that can be used on Windows as well as Mac (with Excel/Outlook 2011 or Apple Mail).
Does the Scan feature in the software repair corrupt names.nsf?
No, the scanning feature only processes the select file to load all the contacts in a correct alphabetical order. You can only convert contacts from a healthy names.nsf file, the software doesn't treat corrupt address book files.

A Glimpse at Some of Our Client Feedbacks!

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"It is really amazing how a volume of contacts in Lotus Notes can easily be converted to Outlook Express address book by a simple tool in a blink of eye. Hats off to the developers"

— Shane Gilchrist, Australia

"My primary requirement was to keep a backup of my Notes contacts in a format that independently accessible. Thankfully, Notes Address Book to Outlook Express exporter served the same."

—– Alysia Bair, Tunisia

"I personally admire the developer efforts put into structuring this application exactly how the user would want it to be. It is so convenient yet fulfilling!"

— Berenice Rizzo, Prague

"I made a lot of precious contacts at my previous employment which I couldn't afford to lose. Names.nsf to Outlook Express CSV converter proved to be a savior! Thanks!"

— Chet Hays, Brazil